Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dana Yotov Wears Styles By The Gotters

Dana shows us the exotic Lady Dragon in Blue. It is styled with a cutaway bodice of blue silk, revealing and yet demure. The stand out skirt, crafted from shantung silk flatters the form and is supremely elegant. Xiomara chose the Shooting Star Blue from WTG to accentuate her look, with its twinkling stars and sapphires.

Dana shows us the lovely Lady DI Mango gown. With its accents of green and tropical colours, a sheer figure-hugging top and a full silk skirt this is surely a most romantic outfit. To accent this lovely gown, Dana wears the divine Shooting Stars in green from WTG.

Designers: Eddie Gotter and Sofia Vectoscope

Model/Photogrpahy: Dana Yotov.

Text: By Kim Rongyu

Taxi:STYLES AVANT- Gotters shopping Village

P.S Thank you so much for the wonderful show.

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