Friday, July 2, 2010

Ritz Elite Modeling Academy & Agency (REMA)

Ritz Elite Modeling Academy & Agency (REMA)

Vision Strives to be an innovative modeling centre of virtual global standing.

To produce a class of persons that will enjoy superior intellectual, social, and economic status. "In addition to notions of social equality there will be much emphasis on the role of elites

and self confidence within them"....The very best and most skilled members of the modeling world.

To realize the mission, REMA strives to achieve the 5 objectives which are;

# 1 To produce a qualified,creative and yet a balanced models in every parts of modeling.
Ritz Elite Modeling Academy's High Fashion Runway Program is comprised of runway choreography, fashion styles and coordination, teamwork, make-up, and lecture. In-house performances and opportunity to be spotlighted in public fashion shows are included.

#2 To provide the best input of modeling curriculum and lesson which cover all the important topics from the basic to the advances. This course is to develop and strengthen one's personal growth and confidence in performing in front of a live audience.

#3 To nurture humanistic values that are universal and encourage an open mind coupled with a sense of service and dedication among the staffs and models in the academy that would results in optimum productivity.

#4 To be an active modeling academy and agency that contribute towards a dynamics of SL modeling industry, to prepare the student for modeling at a more advanced level with an array of terminology and chorographical skills.

#5 To foster pride and prestige in the academy as the center of image consultation.
Throughout the class there will be reviews of Posture, Poise, Turns, and Poses
A review of posture, poise, turns, and poses is given to refresh the student's memory. Any practice or refreshers will be given as needed.

1) what we can offer you?

# Walk with you to achieve the crème de la crème in the modeling industry.
# The very best of techniques in modeling.
# Qualified Certificate on graduation day.
# Great model portfolio produced by our agency
# Bio featured on the site as REMA Certified Model
# Automatically become the contestant of Miss & Mr. Ritz SL 2010
# Become a confident glamour fashion model after graduation.
# Ritz is also holds weekly fashion shows and castings.
# Evaluation for model to become Ritz Top Model and Ritz Super Model .
# Affordable price of Enrollment fee

2) You will learn the following steps from us
(this part will be discuss with the trainers)

3) Why train with Ritz Elite Modeling Academy?

# We are a friend that will ensure a friend's success.
# Ritz instructors are wonderful people and experienced modeling trainers.
# You will always be involved in our event and activities because we care of our models.
# You will have the chance to perform in front of live audiences and see what it actually feels like. This will help the students in the long run to learn what runway modeling
in front of audiences is all about
# You maybe become our great Miss & Mr.Ritz SL 2010

4) How to Enroll our course

1) Complete the application form
2) send it to Eddie Gotter, Sofia Vectoscope or Hernia Aries.
3) Rename the NC with "REMA application (FULL NAME)"

Normal price
Modeling course ( 10 classes) = 2000L

Model Portfolio Regular( 1 headshot+ 1(either formal/casual/swimwear) = 500L

Model portfolio extra (1 headshot + 1 formal + 1 casual + 1 swimwear) = 900L (save 100L)
Total enrollment fee = 2500L or 2900L only!

promotion price
modeling course ( 10 classes) + Model portfolio Regular = 1500L
All fees are none refundable and none transferable.

5) Modeling course phase
1) 4 weeks of 10 classes ( 1 hour each)
2) Runaway assessment
3) online examination
4) Graduation!!!

6) sample of certificate

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